General Guidelines

Please direct all submissions towards with the subject line SUBMIT - [NAME], [GENRE]. Cover letters are not required, but we do request your name, pen name (if any), and a brief bio written in the third-person. However, please attach a short third-person biography with your submission. Simultaneous submissions are okay.

Simultaneous submissions are both accepted and encouraged, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know! If your work is rejected, we ask that you wait until the next reading period to submit, unless we explicitly request to see more of your work. If your work is accepted, we ask that you wait one reading period before submitting again (e.g. if you are published in Issue 01, please wait until Issue 03 to submit again).


Upon acceptance, we ask that you grant Adoxography publishing rights. All rights return to the writer after publication, but we ask that Adoxography is credited if your work is reprinted or republished.


We accept all forms and genres of writing, and some general guidelines are listed below. As a rule, we do not tolerate and reserve the right to ignore work that contains racism, homophobia, etc. content. If your work contains NSFW (sexual themes, etc.) please put a content warning, as we will accept this work if it is not overly NSFW. 


Currently, we hope to respond to submissions within a week. After a month has passed, feel free to query.


Please send at most five poems in a single Word (.docx) file or PDF (.pdf) file. There is no line or page limit. If your poem uses unconventional formatting, feel free to send it as a PDF (.pdf) file.


Poems can be any length and style, but must be single-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman. 

We are also open to poems written in languages besides English, but when submitting these please also include an English translation.


Micro-fiction, short-stories and excerpts of larger stories up to 5,000 words are acceptable.


Pieces over 1,500 words must have a marked excerpt that is 1,500 words or less. All excerpted submissions should include the full manuscript with selected portion clearly marked. If a piece is selected and over 1,500 words, only the excerpted portion will receive publication.

Creative Non-Fiction

Pieces should average around 1,000-2,000 words, but this is by no means a firm word limit in either direction. Only one nonfiction piece will be accepted per writer for each issue, but we are more than happy to publish writers again in successive issues if they have more work to share. Therefore, only one piece should be submitted per issue.

All submissions must be in 12 point double-spaced Times New Roman.

Visual Art

For visual art submissions, please include the title(s) and the medium (ie, painting, drawing, print, etc.) of each piece being submitted. We would also greatly appreciate if you left a brief explanation of the piece.


Name each art file “Piece Title - Full Name." For example, “Painting - John Doe.”

Submit the highest resolution quality format that can be sent as an attachment – 300 dpi or higher. If your art does not meet the dpi requirement, please let us know and we will figure out a way to help you.